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Do you share the same values and principles PLUGGED ELECTRICAL & AIR CONDITIONING ?

  • SAFETY….first, second and third, no ifs or buts. PLUGGED ELECTRICAL & AIR CONDITIONING ensures the SAFTEY of ALL our stakeholders, employees, contractors, clients & property. It’s NOT negotiable.
  • SERVICE…we strive to deliver on what we say when said, professional, polite and pragmatic = PERFORMANCE
  • QUALITY…we use the highest quality of products which ensures the highest quality finished job.
  • RELIABILITY…we RESPECT YOUR TIME; we’re an electrical contractor who is there for you. You can depend on us.
  • ETHICALPLUGGED ELECTRICAL & AIR CONDITIONING has the no BS policy; we’ll tell it to you straight, so you can make the most informed decision when we solve your electrical and air conditioning problems, needs and wants.

So what are you waiting for, we are only a text, email, or phone call away.

We really look forward to meeting you soon and delivering a solution to your needs, thanks again for visiting and enjoy your day.